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Recruitment and Talent Management Services

Got human resource challenges? Get human resource solutions!

Hire highly-qualified candidates

Human resources are essential to the success of your business. Without employing highly qualified professionals, you can’t move forward delivering the services your clients expect. But it takes time to staff your operations for maximum performance and knowing where to start can be a challenge. Good news! Hudson can help.

We understand the human resources and recruitment lifecycle and can step in to your organisation with immediate counsel. At Hudson, we offer unique talent management solutions and tools. We tackle human resource challenges with confidence because our consultants are experts in their respective industries and have practical experience in every discipline we serve.

As a part of our hiring process, we meet every individual we present to our clients and evaluate each candidate through our very own proprietary assessment toolsThrough Hudson Academy, we train our clients and our consultants on how to use our proprietary Talent Management tools. With only 3% of our candidates ever needing to be replaced, Hudson digs deeper to evaluate and shortlist the most qualified candidates to fit your needs.

Hudson’s talent management and recruitment efforts have no boundaries. Although we have an established network throughout the local region, Hudson in France is a part of a global company providing access to an extensive network of talent in major international markets. We have the ability to source candidates across Europe and deliver cross-country solutions when needed. By blending our talent management solutions with our recruiting savvy under one roof, our clients can truly go from great people to great performance!

Did You Know?

Our team of consultants is supported by highly experienced in-house researches who are responsible for ‘mapping’ the market, sourcing high quality candidates and ensuring our database is kept up-to-date.

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