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Employee Lifecycle: Develop

Cultivate talent and reap the rewards

Enhance employee productivity
and develop leaders

Cultivating talent is dependent on a variety of working conditions. An environment where the mission is clear, the culture is positive and employees are encouraged to develop their potential creates the perfect climate for business success.

How are you tending to your workforce? Hudson’s talent management practice can put a disciplined approach around your employee development efforts. Our consultants are skilled in objectively identifying competencies and high potentials across your organisation. We focus our efforts on developing leaders, improving employee productivity, assessing the capacity for behavioral change and conducting enhanced management training.

Hudson’s Development Centre offers clients a flexible, modular approach to talent management. Our assessments, psychometric tests and behavioral exercises can be customised based on your organisation’s particular needs. Engaging with our Development Centre helps clients ascertain the best ways to increase productivity, detect potential and measure competencies. Objectivity is critical so we offer the Hudson Double Guarantee: two certified assessors conduct every assessment to ensure an impartial evaluation.

Time to take the next step with a high potential employee? Personal development planning is the roadmap to building specific competencies. Hudson talent management consultants collaborate with the employee, management and HR to develop clear objectives, guidance on the learning process and metrics by which to measure progress. Careful analysis is conducted through the use of business simulations, psychometric tests and the Hudson 360° Feedback Survey. The 360° Feedback Survey is a unique tool that allows input from both employee and management to create a holistic picture of the employee’s behavior, performance, competencies, work style and interpersonal relationship skills.

When it comes to cultivating talent, reap the benefits that a partnership with Hudson can bring. Contact our talent management practice today.

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Our team of consultants is supported by highly experienced in-house researches who are responsible for ‘mapping’ the market, sourcing high quality candidates and ensuring our database is kept up-to-date.

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