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Hudson R&D applies the scientific method to talent management

Benefit from our rigorously tested, proprietary HR methodologies
Benefit from our rigorously tested,
proprietary HR methodologies

Every year millions of dollars are spent on R&D for new products and services. From cars to cologne to computer processors, no expense is spared in researching, developing and testing the latest innovations. Why should talent management and recruitment be any different?

At Hudson, we offer a better recruitment and talent management experience for our clients because we equip our consultants with the latest advancements in psychometric testing and scientific research. Our R&D team understands tough HR challenges and develops solutions that help HR professionals with every stage of the employee lifecycle.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to know a candidate’s skill set anymore. Intangibles such as leadership potential, business attitudes and cultural fit are just as critical to making the right hiring decision. Hudson’s R&D gets to the heart of these matters by developing psychometric tests and tools to assess candidates. Better yet, our R&D efforts are backed by an independent scientific board composed of university professors and academic researchers. This alliance allows us to share knowledge and continually evaluate our talent management systems and proprietary tools to verify their accuracy.

With rigorously tested methodologies at the foundation, Hudson’s expert recruiters and talent management consultants offer services that aid in pre-selection, selection, assessment, development, coaching and engagement. By partnering with us, clients benefit from a holistic approach to employment that increases recruitment efficiency, improves hiring results and develops talented professionals at a lower overall cost than internal HR teams can alone.

Success Story

The bank needed to expand its retail banking market share in Paris, which meant hiring at least 10 retail banking professionals in Paris within a four-month timeframe. Only problem was that competition for the top banking talent in Paris had been fierce.

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Acteur mondial de premier plan, Hudson propose à ses clients, entreprises et candidats, des solutions efficaces et innovantes en gestion des talents, recrutement spécialisé et en solutions de recrutement. Nous aidons les professionnels que nous accompagnons à optimiser leur performance en partageant avec eux notre expertise, notre connaissance solide de leurs marchés et métiers ainsi que des outils et techniques d'évaluation développés par notre département R&D. Avec un réseau unique de centaines de milliers de cadres, managers et experts dans 22 pays, nous disposons d'une capacité sans égale à mettre en relation talents et opportunités professionnelles en évaluant, recrutant, développant et mobilisant les meilleurs profils pour nos clients. Nous combinons envergure internationale, solutions RH innovantes et professionnelles avec une approche conseil sur-mesure pour aider entreprises et candidats à améliorer leurs résultats.