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Hudson 360º

Employee Evaluations: Are you Grasping the Full Picture?

Get the 360° view of your
employees to identify gaps and
inform development planning

Would you read one page of a book and believe you had the complete story? Would you look at a sculpture from one angle to appreciate the full artistry? When it comes to employee evaluations, all too often we rely on feedback from one or two people to form an opinion of the employee.

Your company’s success is largely dependent on how effectively you fulfill your employees’ potential. You can’t afford to base important career decisions affecting employees based on half of the story about their skills and competencies. 

You need the full 360° vantage point. Hudson’s proprietary online 360° feedback tool gathers insights from a number of people to evaluate an individual’s behaviour at work evaluated by people with first-hand experience of working with that person.

Who participates in Hudson 360°?

Typically four groups of people participate in a 360° feedback survey:

  • Direct manager and other relevant senior colleagues
  • Peers, clients and important suppliers at a similar level
  • Direct reports and other colleagues at a more junior level
  • The person him/herself

When should Hudson 360° be used?

  • Before personal development planning or training:
    Our 360° provides high quality information that can form the basis for your development planning. It also helps build a robust process for aligning individual development with organisational objectives.
  • 6 to 12 months after hiring a new employee:
    Our 360° quickly identifies the possible competency gaps of new hires, as we as indicating how successfully they are being integrated into your organisations.


You’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your people’s current capabilities measured against the specific competences required for your organisation’s success.

  • Cost-effective diagnostic of individual competence
  • Structured feedback from multiple sources
  • Can be designed around a particular job, career evolution or specific competencies
  • Informs development planning and/or coaching programmes
  • Reveals gaps between self-evaluation and the perceptions of others
  • Easy-to-use online system that streamlines the process

Hudson 360° feedback is presented in a graphic and narrative format for each competency. The reports provide an ideal framework for coaching programmes, giving clear guidance for development planning.

Hudson consultants can also provide clear feedback on how to interpret the results, including how to close any competency gaps and build on personal strengths.

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Did You Know?

As part of our hiring process, we evaluate each candidate through our online business attitudes assessment tool at no additional charge to you.

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