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Psychometric Tests

Ensuring the Right Role for You

Psychometric assessments evaluate aptitudes, personality traits, motivation and long-term potential
Psychometric assessments evaluate
aptitudes, personality traits,
motivation and long-term potential

These days, employers and recruitment agencies use sophisticated methods to gain an overall picture of each candidate. Psychometric testing is a commonly used assessment tool.

Psychometric testing is often used for professional and managerial roles and can be administered using paper and pencil, and online. Timing, instructions, content, scoring and interpretation are all standardised.

Psychometric assessment looks at a candidate’s:

  • Aptitudes – problem solving skills; dexterity; verbal and numerical ability; abstract and mechanical reasoning
  • Personality traits / work style – assertiveness, reaction under pressure, communication skills
  • Motivation – energy, drive and job satisfaction factors
  • Long-term potential

Assessment Tools and Techniques

Ability tests measure a candidate’s capacity to execute skills of varying difficulty. For recent graduates, employers may be more interested in the person’s potential to do a task, and will assess generic skills using reasoning or ability tests.

Personality questionnaires assess the applicant’s typical or preferred style of behaving, thinking and feeling. The questionnaire is not concerned with abilities, but with the applicant’s perception of his/her own style of, or approach to, work. There are no right or wrong answers, although some traits may be more or less appropriate to certain jobs. This is a common measurement technique because it identifies team and organisational fit, and potential areas for development and advancement.

Motivation questionnaires assess the factors that contribute to your job satisfaction.

Interest inventories assess your personal preference for specific types of job-related activities in a wide range of occupations.

How to Prepare for Psychometric Assessments

Before attending an assessment centre, ascertain what the assessment day will entail and how long it will last.

Candidates can practice assessment tests by visiting websites with assessment centre exercises. It’s advisable to approach this testing with honesty, as false answers can be detected.

Candidates should seek feedback after each testing session, regardless of outcome. This can be useful for future assessment testing.

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