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We can’t take great people to great performance without you

Join the Hudson team
Join the Hudson team

Hudson’s mission is ambitious: we want to be the best at helping companies achieve success through people. We accomplish this mission for our clients by hiring our own exceptional recruiting and human resource professionals. By joining our team, you become an integral part of changing the lives of working people all over the globe, every single day.

Our business gives us a perspective on employment that few other organisations can offer. In France, our management philosophy is built on the premise that we trust our recruiters to make the best decisions for our clients. While we only hire experienced recruiters, this philosophy cultivates a work environment that cultivates success.

At Hudson, we are committed to:

  • Working in leading organisations around the world, solving their talent related challenges
  • Taking pride in our achievements, never forgetting the difference we make in people’s lives
  • Attracting professionals and experts, taking care of them as such and helping them build their careers as specialists or leaders
  • Rewarding performance and celebrating success
  • Facilitating flexible work arrangements to fit individual circumstances
  • Offering a sense of belonging – a collaborative environment where people feel valued and have fun

If you have a talent for recruiting and a passion for changing lives, we want you. Submit your CV.


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Le groupe Morgan Philips, présent sur 4 continents, est un acteur majeur du secteur du recrutement et du talent consulting grâce à ses solutions innovantes. En moins de 5 ans seulement, le groupe a développé un réseau mondial qui modernise les méthodes traditionnelles de recrutement de cadres dirigeants et d’experts. Morgan Philips offre des prestations de conseils sur mesure, une expertise dans la recherche de talents à l'échelle internationale ainsi que des outils de sourcing digitaux uniques afin d'offrir à ses clients le service le plus performant aux meilleurs tarifs du marché.