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CFO of the Year Award France

Honoring France’s Financial Innovators

Honouring France’s top Finance Directors

In 2000, Hudson, Le Figaro and DFCG decided it was time to honour an unsung hero critical to business success… the Chief Financial Officer.

Also convinced that such an award was long overdue, Louis Schweitzer, Renault chairman, agreed to chair the first award ceremony. Mr Schweitzer lent a level of prestige to the award that has been maintained by his successors ever since

The jury reviews the candidates based on their financial results and their business influence. Candidates are assessed on the following:

 Eligibility Requirements Selection Criteria
  • Open to candidates who have served in the CFO capacity for at least 3
    years with your current employer
  • Experience working for a listed company is
  • International experience is required
  • The jury, composed of financial professionals, will select the winner based on
    to the following:
  • The implementation of corporate strategy
  • Company’s
    financial performance
  • Candidate’s contribution to team
  • Candidate’s contribution to the company’s sustainable development

More information: visit the event website

Cécile Cabanis - lauréate 2017
Grégory Sanson - prix spécial
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