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Hudson Finds 10 Top Banking Professionals in Paris within Four-Month Timeframe

Despite intense competition for top banking talent, Hudson fills roles for world’s third largest bank.


Our client is the world’s third largest bank with offices on 5 continents in 80 countries. The bank needed to expand its retail banking market share in Paris, which meant hiring at least 10 retail banking professionals in Paris within a four-month timeframe. Only problem was that competition for the top banking talent in Paris had been fierce, so the bank turned to Hudson to create a custom recruitment outsourcing solution to fills these roles quickly with the best candidates.


Hudson quickly mobilised a banking recruiting specialist to lead our dedicated recruitment team. A customised sourcing approach was implemented including mapping and target search, referrals and networks, Hudson database search, print advertisements, professional associations, business councils, alumni, and online job boards, among other things. We also launched a comprehensive and informative reporting system to track weekly changes in candidate status.


After four months, 350 candidates were contacted, 40 candidates were interviewed, and we successfully placed 10 candidates. The client was also able to secure top talent with a variety of new skill sets to bring to the retail banking roles.

Project Snapshot


  • World’s 3rd largest global bank with 250,000 employees in 80 countries
  • Client needed to grow its retail banking market share
  • Needed to hire at least 10 new professionals in Paris within four month
  • Incredible competition for top banking talent
  • Client hired Hudson to create a recruitment process outsourcing solution
  • Hudson mobilised one of our banking specialists to lead a team of dedicated recruiters
  • 10 retail banking professions were hired within the 4-month timeframe
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