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When a Global Bank Launched a Wealth Management Advisor Training Program across France, it turned to Hudson to find the Right Managers


Our client is one of the world’s largest global banks, with 250,000 global employees, including 14,000 in France. Its core business specialties are retail banking and financial services, investment management, asset management and investor services.

When the bank identified the need for to launch a Wealth Management Advisor training program in Paris, Toulouse, Cannes, Strasbourg and Lille, it turned to Hudson for its expertise across key French markets and its flexible recruiting outsourcing solution for multiple roles. 


The Hudson team went to work to identify five top program managers for the bank. We developed a team consisting of a Paris-based banking expert supported by recruiters from our four provincial offices in Toulouse, Marseille, Strasbourg and Lille.

Hudson’s Paris-based project manager served as the client’s single point of contact and ensured a consistent and thorough recruiting process. The team sourced candidates through direct sourcing, advertising nationally on key employment sites and working with well known trade and specialist organisations.


Our national coverage and on-the-ground expertise made for a streamlined recruitment process and short time-to-fill. The five candidates were identified and hired within eight weeks, allowing the client to get right to work on its Wealth Management Advisor Training Program. During the process, the client’s employment brand reputation was enhanced among the candidates.

Project Snapshot


  • Prominent French bank with 250,00 employees on 5 continents
  • Client needed 5 program managers in 5 French markets to implement is Wealth Management Advisor training program
  • Client hired Hudson for its on-the-ground expertise across France and for its flexible RPO solution
  • Hudson mobilised a team of recruiters from Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Strasbourg and Lille
  • Within 8 weeks, all five new managers were hired
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