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Hudson Hires 6 European Country Managers for World's Leading Online Brokerage Firm


The world’s leading online brokerage firm needed to expand into new European and Middle Eastern markets, but they lacked the right leadership to do so. When they decided to hire six European Country Directors to supports their desired growth, they turned to Hudson for its expertise across the markets.


With a 3.5 million customers worldwide, our client knew it needed to hire top management to properly expand into new key markets. Hudson went into action, implementing a managed recruitment solution across the markets. We not only tapped into our European databases of pre-qualified talent, but we leveraged Hudson’ proprietary talent management tools to assess each and every candidate – ensuring the perfect fit. 

The project was spearheaded by our London project manager who organised biweekly conference calls to guarantee a consistent, shared vision and to stay on top of any potential issues that might arise. 

All project team members leveraged the local teams and our shared recruitment methodology to run searches in the countries: France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Dubai. We ran direct sourcing, web search and advertising campaigns. All short-listed candidates were required to take our Business Attitudes Questionnaire assessment, at not additional charge to the client, to better guarantee selection of the right candidate.


The Hudson team delivered all six Country Directors within the client’s desired timeframe. During the process, the Hudson team was able to elevate the client’s employer brand image across the region.

Project Snapshot


  • US$11B Leading Online Brokerage Firm
  • Client lacked necessary country leadership to expand into new EU and Middle East markets
  • Needed to hire 6 County Directors across Europe to support its business strategy
  • 6 Country Directors were hired in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Dubai
  • Client's employer brand image was elevated in these markets
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